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Kong: Skull Island Besetzung

Besetzung und Stab von Kong: Skull Island, Regisseur: Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Besetzung: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly. Schaulaufen bei der Premiere von „Kong: Skull Island“ in Los Angeles: Hauptdarsteller Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson und Brie Larson feiern gemeinsam. Eigentlich auf ihrer Seite ist Kong, ein 30 Meter großer Affe, den ein Mason Weaver oder John C. Reilly für einen Film wie „Skull Island“ hergeben? Darsteller: Tom Hiddleston (Captain James Conrad), Samuel L. Jackson.

Kong: Skull Island Besetzung Schauspiel

Eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern, Soldaten und Abenteurern bricht Anfang der er Jahre unter der Führung von Lieutenant Colonel Packard auf, eine mysteriöse Insel im Pazifik zu erkunden. Schon bei der Ankunft auf Skull Island werden die. In einem Luftkampf zwischen dem US-Amerikaner Hank Marlow und dem Japaner Gunpei Ikari werden deren. Besetzung und Stab von Kong: Skull Island, Regisseur: Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Besetzung: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly. Kong: Skull Island Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson u.v.m. Kong: Skull Island. Besetzung & Mitwirkende. Alle Funktionen, Regie, Drehbuch, Geschichte, Besetzung, Kamera, Musik, Ausstattung, Produktion. Schaulaufen bei der Premiere von „Kong: Skull Island“ in Los Angeles: Hauptdarsteller Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson und Brie Larson. Schauspieler Tom Hiddleston bei der Premiere des Actionfilms „Kong: Skull Island“ in Los Angeles. Bild 1 von Zurück zum Artikel.

Kong: Skull Island Besetzung

Kong: Skull Island. Besetzung & Mitwirkende. Alle Funktionen, Regie, Drehbuch, Geschichte, Besetzung, Kamera, Musik, Ausstattung, Produktion. Schaulaufen bei der Premiere von „Kong: Skull Island“ in Los Angeles: Hauptdarsteller Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson und Brie Larson. Kong: Skull Island Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson u.v.m. Die Überlebenden werden im weiten Umkreis im Eid 2019 zerstreut. Bathseba Soldaten werden von Lieutenant Colonel Packard angeführt. Avengers 3: Infinity War. Robert Taylor. Bekannt für. Jason Übernatürliches spielt Glenn Mill.

Marlow leads them through a mass grave of dinosaurs and Kong's family members and they are attacked by the Skullcrawler that killed Chapman, which kills Randa and others before dying in a flammable gas explosion triggered by Weaver.

Learning of Chapman's death, Packard reveals his plan of killing Kong and avenging his fallen men. Marlow and Brooks attempt to explain that killing Kong would lead to the Skullcrawlers running rampant, but Packard refuses to listen to them.

The groups part ways, with Packard's group retrieving the weapons from Chapman's chopper and laying a trap for Kong at a nearby lake, while the non-military personnel head back to the boat.

Conrad and Weaver encounter Kong up close and, seeing his true peaceful nature, resolve to save him. Packard's group lures Kong with the remaining seismic charges and incapacitates him with ignited napalm.

Conrad, Weaver, and Marlow arrive and after a standoff , persuade the other soldiers to spare Kong, but Packard refuses to yield. As the others retreat, the giant Skullcrawler emerges from the lake and Packard is crushed by Kong.

The Skullcrawler fights and overpowers Kong, but with the humans' help the ape emerges victorious in the end. The survivors reach the rendezvous point and leave the island as Kong stoically watches.

During the credits, Marlow reunites with his wife and meets his son for the first time. In a post-credits scene , Conrad and Weaver are detained and recruited by Monarch.

They are informed by San Lin and Brooks that Kong is not the only monster king and are shown archive footage of cave paintings depicting Godzilla , Mothra , Rodan , and King Ghidorah.

The final painting shows Godzilla and Ghidorah in battle. As the screen cuts to black, Godzilla's roar can be heard. Thomas Middleditch , who would go on to play a key role in Godzilla: King of the Monsters , voices Jerry.

The script saw a number of screenwriters attached before filming. Seeking the continuity between the King Kong and Godzilla worlds, Max Borenstein writer of 's Godzilla wrote the first draft, while John Gatins was hired to write the second draft.

His initial influence was Apocalypse Now , revealing,. That's obviously a war movie, but I liked the idea of people moving upriver to face a misunderstood force that they think of as a villain, but ultimately they come to realize is much more complicated.

Before Vogt-Roberts signed on as director, Borenstein had the idea of having the film begin during the Vietnam War and jump forward to the present day.

After it was rejected, Borenstein instead had the film take place before the original King Kong film in during World War I while keeping the Apocalypse Now concept, and the premise had Tom Hiddleston's character leading a rescue team to Skull Island to find his missing brother, who had gotten stranded there while searching for a "Titan Serum" believed to cure all illnesses.

After this, the story was again retooled to take place in the present day. After Jordan Vogt-Roberts joined the project, he met with Borenstein and, liking the Apocalypse Now concept, pitched it to Legendary with the idea of the story taking place at the end of the Vietnam War, which the studio accepted.

There are pieces of my work in there as well as the work of the other two writers and John Gatins, who was credited for story. Everybody had a really good hand in it.

Gilroy revealed that many backstories and character moments were dropped from his draft, specifically for the characters of Mason Weaver and James Conrad, feeling that the film had room to explore them.

Gilroy disclosed,. She didn't believe in anything — so the first time she saw Kong, it was like an awakening. She comes [back to life]. Tom [Hiddleston]'s character was a guy whose unit had been attacked by a big monster out of Vietnam — so he was in search of this thing.

Instead of them approaching him at the bar and giving him a job, I had him like, 'I want on board. Despite these ideas being dropped, Gilroy felt the film turned out to be a "good movie" regardless.

Director Vogt-Roberts stated that he wanted Kong to look simple and iconic enough that a third grader could draw him, and the image would still be recognizable.

I think there are very modern elements to him, yet hopefully, he feels very timeless at the same time. Hayao Miyazaki 's Princess Mononoke helped influence the design and approach of the monsters, Vogt-Roberts stated, "Miyazaki['s] Princess Mononoke was actually a big reference in the way that the spirit creatures sort of have their own domains and fit within that.

So a big thing [was] trying to design creatures that felt realistic and could exist in an ecosystem that feels sort of wild and out there, and then also design things that simultaneously felt beautiful and horrifying at the same time.

The two-armed pit lizard from the King Kong film was used as a reference for the Skullcrawlers. At the same time of the announcement of Vogt-Roberts as director, the studio also announced that Tom Hiddleston would play the lead role.

Simmons and Michael Keaton were attached to roles; however, both left due to scheduling difficulties. Jackson to replace the role which Simmons vacated, while John C.

Reilly was being eyed for Keaton's role, but not offered it yet. Tom Wilkinson was also offered a role in the film. On August 20, , Toby Kebbell joined the cast of the film, while Jackson and Reilly were confirmed for roles.

Principal photography on the film began on October 19, , and concluded on March 18, Vogt-Roberts has cited a number of films that inspired Kong: Skull Island , stating, "If I were going to break it down for people, I'd say you obviously have Apocalypse Now and just the era of '70s filmmaking, with films like The Conversation , too.

The entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series was a big influence. The score was composed by Henry Jackman. Since the film takes place in the s, Jackman blended '70s psychedelic guitars into the score.

That's a field day for a composer. Regarding the music used in the film, Vogt-Roberts stated, "I wanted to use songs from the Vietnam era and a myriad of hits from the '70s The music, which serves to both heighten the film's emotion and underscore the action, was one of the final creative elements to fall into place during post-production.

It was the culmination of a massive undertaking that had taken the production to three continents. The merchandise for the film was a Walmart exclusive in A large Kong figure was the main toy featuring a Jack Chapman with a missile launcher.

In addition to Walmart selling the toys, Amazon. Also, two costumes for Kong were made and sold during Halloween. One of them is a standard costume while the other was an inflatable Kong suit.

Acting as both a prequel and sequel to the film, an adult Houston Brooks nearing retirement from Monarch in learns that his estranged missing son with San Lin, Aaron, led a team of Monarch agents on a secret mission to Skull Island in the mids; uncovering the secrets of Kong's past and how he became the last of his kind.

On December 12, , a paperback collection was released. A novelization by Tim Lebbon was released on March 14, Kong: Skull Island was originally scheduled to be released on November 4, , but was pushed back to March 10, The new release date coincided with the franchise's 84th anniversary.

It opened in every market except Japan and China. This was the week after a huge model of the primate outside the theater caught on fire at the film's premiere.

Kong: Skull Island received generally positive reviews from critics. The site's consensus reads, "Offering exhilarating eye candy, solid acting, and a fast-paced story, Kong: Skull Island earns its spot in the movie monster's mythos without ever matching up to the classic original.

Michael Phillips of The Chicago Tribune lauded the film, giving it three-and-a-half stars out of four: "I saw little in [Vogt-Roberts'] first feature to indicate the deftness and buoyant spirit he brings to Skull Island.

This time, the money's on the screen, but it bought a really good movie, too. It was a movie that was not at all on my radar as something I was dying to see and yet I had way too much fun watching it.

I just wished it had embraced its craziness just a little bit more. But, yes, there's still plenty of crazy to go around.

Conversely, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian awarded the film one out of five stars. In his negative review, he described the movie as a "fantastically muddled and exasperatingly dull quasi-update of the King Kong story.

Jackson striking the right tone of crazy amid the chaos. Jones questioned the film's setting, saying "this Jurassic Park knockoff takes place neither in the Depression era, which gave us the original King Kong , nor in the present, when satellite photos would surely alert us to the existence of a foot gorilla.

Instead—and for no reason I can fathom, except perhaps the classic-rock tunes desired for the soundtrack—the story takes place in , when the Vietnam war is winding down and President Nixon is being driven from office.

Several critics have commented on Larson's role in the movie, as she had recently won an Academy Award for Room , [87] with Michael Salfino of The Wall Street Journal remarking that "a starring role in a popcorn movie on the heels of a passion project can open up an actor to ridicule.

Legendary plans to create a shared cinematic franchise "centered around Monarch" that "brings together Godzilla and Legendary's King Kong in an ecosystem of other giant super-species , both classic and new.

Reilly on the island. Just some weird, the odd-ball monster comedy with him and Gunpei. Kong is scheduled to be released on May 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Tom Hiddleston Samuel L. Legendary Pictures Tencent Pictures [1]. Release date.

Running time. Henry Jackman. Main articles: Godzilla vs. Kong and MonsterVerse. Archived from the original on June 2, Retrieved June 2, British Board of Film Classification.

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Young Assistant Tom Hobbs. Hooverville Mother Tania Rodger. Theatre Actor Glen Drake. Venture Crew David Dengelo. Vaudeville Act Caron Dallas.

Vaudeville Act Colin Bogaars. Vaudeville Act Daniel Tusia. Vaudeville Act Darryl John. Studio Guy's Assistant Lee Donahue. Policeman John Dybvig.

Hooverville Child Samuel Taylor. Skull Islander Terence Griffiths. Cab Driver Stephen A. Drehbuchautor Peter Jackson.

Drehbuchautorin Fran Walsh. Drehbuchautorin Philippa Boyens. Basierend auf Merian C. The rights to the character have always been split up with no single exclusive rights holder.

Different parties have also contested that various aspects are public domain material and therefore ineligible for copyright status.

When Merian C. Cooper created King Kong, he assumed that he owned the character, which he had conceived in , outright. Cooper maintained that he had only licensed the character to RKO for the initial film and sequel, but had otherwise owned his own creation.

In , Cooper began to feel something was amiss when he was trying to get a Tarzan vs. King Kong project off the ground for Pioneer Pictures where he had assumed management of the company.

After David O. Selznick suggested the project to Cooper, the flurry of legal activity over using the Kong character that followed—Pioneer had become a completely independent company by this time and access to properties that RKO felt were theirs was no longer automatic—gave Cooper pause as he came to realize that he might not have full control over this product of his own imagination after all.

Cooper had assumed his rights were unassailable and was bitterly opposed to the project. In he filed a lawsuit to enjoin distribution of the movie against John Beck, as well as Toho and Universal the film's U.

Cooper's executive assistant, Charles B. FitzSimons, stated that these companies should be negotiating through him and Cooper for such licensed products and not RKO.

In a letter to Robert Bendick, Cooper stated:. My hassle is about King Kong. I created the character long before I came to RKO and have always believed I retained subsequent picture rights and other rights.

Cooper and his legal team offered up various documents to bolster the case that Cooper owned King Kong and had only licensed the character to RKO for two films, rather than selling him outright.

Many people vouched for Cooper's claims, including David O. Selznick, who had written a letter to Mr. Without these letters, it seemed Cooper's rights were relegated to the Lovelace novelization that he had copyrighted he was able to make a deal for a Bantam Books paperback reprint and a Gold Key comic adaptation of the novel, but that was all that he could do.

For the sake of the record, I wish to state that I am not in negotiation with you or Mr. Cooper or anyone else to define Mr. Cooper's rights in respect of King Kong.

His rights are well defined, and they are non-existent, except for certain limited publication rights. It seems my hassle over King Kong is destined to be a protracted one.

They'd make me sorry I ever invented the beast, if I weren't so fond of him! Makes me feel like Macbeth : "Bloody instructions which being taught return to plague the inventor.

The rights over the character did not flare up again until , when Universal Studios and Dino De Laurentiis were fighting over who would be able to do a King Kong remake for release the following year.

During the legal battles that followed, which eventually included RKO countersuing Universal, as well as De Laurentiis filing a lawsuit claiming interference, Colonel Richard Cooper Merian's son and now head of the Cooper estate jumped into the fray.

During the battles, Universal discovered that the copyright of the Lovelace novelization had expired without renewal, thus making the King Kong story a public domain one.

Universal argued that they should be able to make a movie based on the novel without infringing on anyone's copyright because the characters in the story were in the public domain within the context of the public domain story.

In a four-day bench trial in Los Angeles, Judge Manuel Real made the final decision and gave his verdict on November 24, , affirming that the King Kong novelization and serialization were indeed in the public domain, and Universal could make its movie as long as it did not infringe on original elements in the RKO film, [54] which had not passed into the public domain [55] Universal postponed their plans to film a King Kong movie, called The Legend of King Kong , for at least 18 months, after cutting a deal with Dino De Laurentiis that included a percentage of box office profits from his remake.

However, on December 6, , Judge Real made a subsequent ruling, which held that all the rights in the name, character, and story of King Kong outside of the original film and its sequel belonged to Merian C.

Cooper's estate. This ruling, which became known as the "Cooper judgment", expressly stated that it would not change the previous ruling that publishing rights of the novel and serialization were in the public domain.

It was a huge victory that affirmed the position Merian C. Cooper had maintained for years. In Judge Real dismissed the claims that were brought forth by RKO and Universal four years earlier and reinstated the Cooper judgement.

In Universal filed a lawsuit against Nintendo , which had created an impish ape character called Donkey Kong in and was reaping huge profits over the video game machines.

Universal claimed that Nintendo was infringing on its copyright because Donkey Kong was a blatant rip-off of King Kong. The courts ruled that trademark was not among the rights Cooper had sold to Universal, indicating that "Cooper plainly did not obtain any trademark rights in his judgment against RKO, since the California district court specifically found that King Kong had no secondary meaning.

First, Universal knew that it did not have trademark rights to King Kong, yet it proceeded to broadly assert such rights anyway. This amounted to a wanton and reckless disregard of Nintendo's rights.

Second, Universal did not stop after it asserted its rights to Nintendo. It embarked on a deliberate, systematic campaign to coerce all of Nintendo's third party licensees to either stop marketing Donkey Kong products or pay Universal royalties.

Finally, Universal's conduct amounted to an abuse of judicial process, and in that sense caused a longer harm to the public as a whole.

Depending on the commercial results, Universal alternatively argued to the courts, first, that King Kong was a part of the public domain, and then second, that King Kong was not part of the public domain, and that Universal possessed exclusive trademark rights in it.

Universal's assertions in court were based not on any good faith belief in their truth, but on the mistaken belief that it could use the courts to turn a profit.

Because Universal misrepresented their degree of ownership of King Kong claiming they had exclusive trademark rights when they knew that they did not and tried to have it both ways in court regarding the "public domain" claims, the courts ruled that Universal acted in bad faith see Universal City Studios, Inc.

Nintendo Co. They were ordered to pay fines and all of Nintendo's legal costs from the lawsuit. That, along with the fact that the courts ruled that there was simply no likelihood of people confusing Donkey Kong with King Kong, [58] caused Universal to lose the case and the subsequent appeal.

Since the court case, Universal still retains the majority of the character rights. In they opened a King Kong ride called King Kong Encounter at their Universal Studios Tour theme park in Hollywood which was destroyed in by a backlot fire , and followed it up with the Kongfrontation ride at their Orlando park in which was closed down in due to maintenance issues.

Cooper Estate, retained publishing rights for the content that Judge Real had ruled on December 6, , belonged to Richard Cooper.

In , they licensed a six-issue comic book adaptation of the novelization of the film to Monster Comics , and commissioned an illustrated novel in called Anthony Browne's King Kong.

In , they became involved with a musical stage play based on the story, called King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World which premiered in June in Australia [68] [69] and then on Broadway in November Studios , [72] an expanded rewrite of the original Lovelace novelization, Merian C.

Cooper's King Kong, the original novelization's publishing rights are still in the public domain , and various crossovers with other franchises such as Doc Savage , Tarzan [73] and Planet of the Apes.

RKO whose rights consisted of only the original film and its sequel had its film library acquired by Ted Turner in via his company Turner Entertainment.

In , Warner Bros. Family Entertainment released the direct-to-video animated musical film The Mighty Kong , which re-tells the plot of the original film.

Kong , after Legendary Pictures brought the projects from Universal to their company to build up the MonsterVerse.

DDL whose rights were limited to only their remake did a sequel in called King Kong Lives but they still needed Universal's permission to do so.

Toho's interpretation differed greatly from the original in size and abilities. Among kaiju , King Kong was suggested to be among the most powerful in terms of raw physical force, possessing strength and durability that rivaled that of Godzilla.

As one of the few mammal-based kaiju, Kong's most distinctive feature was his intelligence. He demonstrated the ability to learn and adapt to an opponent's fighting style, identify and exploit weaknesses in an enemy, and utilize his environment to stage ambushes and traps.

In King Kong vs. This version of Kong was given the ability to harvest electricity as a weapon and draw strength from electrical voltage.

This version was more similar to the original, where he relied on strength and intelligence to fight and survive.

Elements of King Kong's character remained in the film, reflected in Godzilla's uncharacteristic behavior and attraction to the female character Daiyo.

Toho Studios wanted to remake King Kong vs. Godzilla , which was the most successful of the entire Godzilla series of films, in to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film, as well as to celebrate Godzilla's upcoming 40th anniversary.

However, they were unable to obtain the rights to use Kong, and initially intended to use Mechani-Kong as Godzilla's next adversary. But it was soon learned that even using a mechanical creature who resembled Kong would be just as problematic legally and financially for them.

As a result, the film became Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah , with no further attempts to use Kong in any way. King Kong, as well as the series of films featuring him, have been featured many times in popular culture outside of the films themselves, in forms ranging from straight copies to parodies and joke references, and in media from comic books to video games.

The Beatles ' animated film Yellow Submarine includes a scene of the characters opening a door to reveal King Kong abducting a woman from her bed.

It ends with King Homer marrying Marge and eating her father [ citation needed ]. The animated film Chicken Little features a scene parodying King Kong, as Fish out of Water starts stacking magazines thrown in a pile, eventually becoming a model of the Empire State Building and some plane models, as he imitates King Kong in the iconic scene from the original film.

The controversial World War II Dutch resistance fighter Christiaan Lindemans —eventually arrested on suspicion of having betrayed secrets to the Nazis—was nicknamed "King Kong" due to his being exceptionally tall.

The song is an a cappella narrative of the original movie's story line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

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Photos Add Image. King Kong. King Kong Lives Action Adventure.

Corey Hawkins. Jackson,Brie Larson. Produzentin Mary Parent. Kong rettet sie mit seiner Psycho Thriller, als die Echse von hinten angreift. März in den deutschen Kinos an und einen Tag später in den US-amerikanischen. Ausführender The Walking Dead Strea Edward Cheng. Corey Hawkins. Kings of Summer. The Wolf of Wall Street. Max Borenstein Drehbuch. Fan werden. Anders ist die Umsetzung dieses lausigen Drehbuchs auch nicht zu erklären. Jason Mitchell. Plötzlich Familie. Bühnenbildnerin Cynthia La Jeunesse.

After the Vietnam war, a team of scientists explores an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight to escape a primal Eden.

Godzilla vs. Pictures, except in Japan where it will be distributed by Toho. In der Fortsetzung muss sich Kong einem Gegner stellen, der seinesgleichen sucht.

Ich hätte deutlich einen Alkoholpegel haben müssen, damit mir der Film gefällt. The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.

John Goodman plays the role of Bill Randa in the film. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates.

Borat is back! Hier ist aber erstmal der auf 50 Meter gewachsene Affe dran der zum Mittelpunkt einer filmischen Mischung wird, einer Kombination aus Vietnamkriegsfilm und Monstermovie.

Ernest B. Merian C. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Fay Wray. Robert Armstrong. Bruce Cabot. Frank Reicher.

Sam Hardy. Noble Johnson. Steve Clemente. Roscoe Ates. Pilot of plane that kills Kong Merian C. Machine-gunner on plane that kills Kong Ernest B.

Theater Patron Vera Lewis. Charlie, the Cook Victor Wong. Crewmitglied, uncredited Charlie Hall. Crewmitglied, uncredited Charles Sullivan.

Crewmitglied, uncredited Dick Curtis. Crewmitglied, uncredited Blackie Whiteford. Ein Journalist uncredited Jack Smith. Ein Krieger uncredited Edgar Blue Washington.

Ein Krieger uncredited George Washington. Briggs James Flavin. Crewmitglied, uncredited Jack Gallagher.

Ein Krieger uncredited Ivory Williams. Ein Journalist uncredited Frank Mills. Crewmitglied, uncredited Jack Perry. Crewmitglied, uncredited John Collins.

Crewmitglied, uncredited Bill Dagwell. Crewmitglied, uncredited Bill Fisher. Crewmitglied, uncredited Buddy Mason. Crewmitglied, uncredited Al McDonald.

Crewmitglied, uncredited Bert O'Malley. Ein Journalist uncredited Arnold Gray. Ein Krieger uncredited Clifford Ingram. Crewmitglied, uncredited Earl 'Hap' Hogan.

Ein Krieger uncredited Charles Washington. Ein Journalist uncredited Ed Rochelle. Crewmitglied, uncredited Duke Green. Ein Journalist uncredited Eddie Hart.

Crewmitglied, uncredited Charles Sewell. Crewmitglied, uncredited Frank Gerritty. Ein Journalist uncredited Frank Angel.

Crewmitglied, uncredited George Magrill. Ein Krieger uncredited Henry Martin.

Kong: Skull Island Besetzung Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler Video

Honest Trailers - Kong: Skull Island w/ Jordan Vogt-Roberts Kong: Skull Island Besetzung Schaulaufen bei der Premiere von „Kong: Skull Island“ in Los Angeles: Hauptdarsteller Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson und Brie Larson feiern gemeinsam. Kong: Skull Island“ ist ein US Amerikanischer Film aus dem beliebten King Kong Franchise. Durch die Verbindung des Franchise mit. Eigentlich auf ihrer Seite ist Kong, ein 30 Meter großer Affe, den ein Mason Weaver oder John C. Reilly für einen Film wie „Skull Island“ hergeben? Darsteller: Tom Hiddleston (Captain James Conrad), Samuel L. Jackson. Kong: Skull Island. + 1 Std. 58 nineveh.eu-Fi und Fantasy. US-Militärs und Aufregend. Besetzung. Tom HiddlestonSamuel L. JacksonBrie LarsonJohn C. Kong: Skull Island Besetzung

Kong: Skull Island Besetzung - Unsere Empfehlung für Sie

Am Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Brie Larson Besetzung. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. King Kong. Jason Mitchell spielt Glenn Mill. Ein Journalist uncredited Roy Stewart. Universal argued that they should be able Kiss Me Milf make a movie based Sky Ticket Auf Smart Tv the novel without infringing on Cliver copyright because the characters in the story were in the public domain within the context of the public domain story. Cole Shea Whigham.


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