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Star Trek Next Generation Stream

Raumschiff Enterprise: Das nächste Jahrhundert (englisch: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Abk.: TNG) ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie,​. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sortieren nach: Sortieren nach Beliebtheit, Relevanz, Neueste, Älteste, Titel aufwärts, Titel abwärts. STREAM. STREAM. Serie ansehen. Die 7 Staffeln des ersten „Star Trek“-Ablegers mit Patrick Stewart als Captain Picard gewann insgesamt 17 Emmys.

Star Trek Next Generation Stream Streame Raumschiff Enterprise: Das nächste Jahrhundert jetzt bei diesen Anbietern

Originaltitel: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Die zweite Serie aus Gene Roddenberrys "Star Trek"-Universum, in der rund Jahre nach Cpt. Kirk eine neue Enterprise unter Leitung von Jean-Luc. Ob Du jetzt im Stream und Download Deine Lieblingsserien siehst, bleibt Dir überlassen. Derzeit haben wir 0 Serien in unserer Streaming-Datenbank. Das sind 0. Serie ansehen. Die 7 Staffeln des ersten „Star Trek“-Ablegers mit Patrick Stewart als Captain Picard gewann insgesamt 17 Emmys. TNG. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Blu-ray Reviews. Neue Kommentare. Weyoun 5 bei Offizielle Raumschiffsammlung: Heft bis ; Essiggurke bei. Raumschiff Enterprise: Das nächste Jahrhundert (englisch: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Abk.: TNG) ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie,​. Star Trek - The Next GenerationDie komplette Serie (49 DVDs) · Bestellen · Preisvergleich Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert Streams.

Star Trek Next Generation Stream

Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sortieren nach: Sortieren nach Beliebtheit, Relevanz, Neueste, Älteste, Titel aufwärts, Titel abwärts. STREAM. STREAM. TNG. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Blu-ray Reviews. Neue Kommentare. Weyoun 5 bei Offizielle Raumschiffsammlung: Heft bis ; Essiggurke bei. Die zweite Serie aus Gene Roddenberrys "Star Trek"-Universum, in der rund Jahre nach Cpt. Kirk eine neue Enterprise unter Leitung von Jean-Luc. Upon his return from a bat'leth competition in the Klingon Empire, Worf notices changes among the Enterprise Raven-Symoné Pearman. Transfigurations 46m. Heart of Glory. It's interesting to see that lighting from the first season. Pact Netflix. When the Enterprise comes to the rescue of Lauren Cohen ambassador and his mother, Troi finds herself attracted to him. Star Trek Next Generation Stream

After an accident aboard the Enterprise leaves one of its children in danger, Data commandeers the ship and charts a course to an unknown destination.

On a rescue mission to a Talarian shipwreck, the Enterprise team discovers that one of the alien crew members is a young human.

Crusher's anxiety over losing loved ones is magnified when she becomes trapped in an alternate reality. The crew of the Enterprise enters into orbit around the home planet of their former crewmate, Tasha Yar, where they encounter her sister.

When the head of the Klingon high council passes on, Capt. Picard finds himself in the middle of the struggle for the now-vacant position.

Riker has to leave his birthday party early to head an away team after a Romulan secret base is found on a planet which was believed uninhabited.

Picard at the negotiation proceedings of a mining dispute. While the Enterprise struggles to contend with a mysterious life-form, Troi inexplicably loses her empathetic powers.

Data tries to comprehend the complex emotions between O'Brien and Keiko, who are about to be married. Picard races against time to find out the facts behind a Cardassian commander's claim that the Federation attacked one of their outposts.

While answering a distress call, Capt. Picard finds himself dealing with a person who claims to be the planet's version of the Devil.

After passing through a wormhole, the crew uncovers clues that they were unconscious for more than the 30 seconds they were led to believe.

A surgically altered Riker has been on an acculturation mission for months under an alias. But a serious injury threatens to blow his cover. While the Enterprise is in a starbase, La Forge gets a very special visitor: brilliant engineering designer Dr.

Leah Brahms. The Enterprise has finally tracked down the missing starship USS Brattain, but Troi senses trouble with the life on board. La Forge's friend Leijten expresses concern about the whereabouts of their former crewmates.

Soon both begin suffering worrisome ailments. When assigned to investigate an unknown probe, Lt. Barclay receives an unexplainable boost of confidence and a vast increase in his knowledge.

As Capt. Picard prepares to host a big event for the Federation Archaeology Council, the arrival of an old flame stirs up unexpected drama.

A retired admiral boards the Enterprise to investigate a possible act of sabotage and puts Capt. Picard in an uncomfortable position.

Troi's mother visits the Enterprise and becomes infatuated with a man whose culture forces him into a suicidal ritual called the Resolution.

Crusher falls for a visiting ambassador, only to discover that he's not quite what she thought. La Forge is brainwashed by the Romulans and ordered to assassinate a Klingon ambassador.

When a female crewmember is infatuated with Data, he decides to give a romantic relationship a try. Both Capt. Picard and Lt. Worf must decide where their priorities lie as the Klingon Empire descends into civil war.

Picard experiences an alternate lifetime, Worf adapts to fatherhood, the Vulcans and the Romulans come close to brokering peace and more. Picard and his crew must stop the Romulans from helping their pawns win it.

Picard must learn to communicate with a race who speaks in a language that is not compatible with the universal translator.

A new officer, Ensign Ro, is enlisted to track down a band of Bajoran terrorists. Yet Ro, a Bajoran herself, must first win her crewmates' trust.

Riker, Data, Crusher and other crew members are setting up a colony on an Earth-like planet when they're hit by an electrical storm.

When the Enterprise's systems are disrupted after hitting a quantum filament, Troi is left in command while Capt.

Picard is stuck in the turbolift. Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise on vacation from Starfleet Academy, only to discover the crew is acting mysteriously.

Picard and Data follow Spock into Romulan space on a dangerous mission. Senator Pardek finds Capt. Picard on Romulus and brings him to ambassador Spock, who explains about the chance of a Vulcan-Romulan reunification.

Reaching Penthara IV after an asteroid wreaks havoc of catastrophic proportions, the Enterprise crew deals with trying to save the planet.

Worf's mother boards the Enterprise with his son and news that Worf's human parents can no longer care for him. Data rescues a boy, and in a way to repress his own pain, the boy begins to mimic Data's personality.

Transporting three Ullian mind-probing historians, the Enterprise crew is stymied when some of its members fall into a coma. The Enterprise is on a mission to warn the human colony on planet Moab IV about a massive stellar fragment that's approaching.

When an approaching alien ship wipes their memory, the crew struggles to put back together what happened. A long-lost ship is found on a planet where cosmic storms prevented detection for years.

After an accident that leaves him no longer able to walk, Worf asks Riker to help him commit suicide. Riker falls for a member of an androgynous race, who lost a couple of their people in an unmapped region of space.

The Enterprise gets caught in a time loop which always has one result: total destruction of the ship. Wesley Crusher's team has an accident at Starfleet Academy.

Picard offers to help a Starfleet investigation into what happened. As the Enterprise crew prepares for an unexpected wedding, the ship begins experiencing strange breakdowns.

The Enterprise is unwittingly used to present a unique gift to an alien race: a beautiful empath whose sole purpose is to please her mate.

A child who recently moved onto the Enterprise begins playing with an imaginary friend, but the new playmate begins affecting the ship's operations.

The Enterprise finds a lone Borg drone, separated from the collective, and brings him aboard. When the Enterprise responds to a Romulan ship's distress call, Ensign Ro and La Forge are lost in a transporter malfunction.

Picard awakens to find himself in a village where he is a well-known member of the community suffering from a delusion of being a starship captain.

The Enterprise is called upon by scientists to return to Earth when there is evidence that aliens had visited the planet in the late s.

The crew faces numerous quandaries, from another confrontation with the omnipotent alien Q to dealing with inquisitive 19th-century writer Mark Twain.

Picard and the crew follow Data back to the s to get him back, only to find the suspected alien visitors killing people of that time period. Overcoming his fear of the transporter, Lt.

Barclay joins an away team, only to have visions of something in the beam with him. When the Enterprise comes to the rescue of an ambassador and his mother, Troi finds herself attracted to him.

The Enterprise stumbles upon a Dyson Sphere, with a ship crashed on the outer surface. Commander Riker and other members of the crew are unable to find rest, putting the Enterprise on the trail of a mystery.

When an honor student in the medical field is assigned to the Enterprise as an intern, she begins to demonstrate powers of the Q. After their shuttle is caught in an energy field, Capt.

Picard and three others are beamed back to the ship -- but they rematerialize as children. While the crew is experiencing some much needed down time, Worf and his son go on an Old West excursion on the holodeck.

When La Forge is assigned to survey a new mining development, Dr. Farallon uses her new robot, called an Exocomp, to repair a power grid. Picard is replaced as captain of the Enterprise so he, Worf and Dr.

Crusher can go on a secret mission into Cardassian space. While the humorless Capt. Jellico leads an effort to prevent a Cardassian invasion, the captured Capt.

Picard is tortured by an interrogation expert. Diagnosing anomalies in the recreative Sherlock Holmes hologram game programs, Lt. Barclay awakens Professor Moriarty.

Murderous intrigue abounds for the Enterprise when one of the crew aboard a subspace communications station is believed dead.

Troi awakens to find herself altered to look like a Romulan, unaware she's involved in a cat-and-mouse game as a member of their intelligence agency.

Picard incurs serious wounds in a fight, and his artificial heart is gravely damaged. Worf is offered coordinates by a Yridian who claims that his father didn't die in battle but is in a Romulan prison camp.

Having discovered survivors from the Romulan attack on Khitomer, Worf resists becoming one of them, even though he becomes a prisoner himself.

Picard is trapped aboard the Enterprise while the ship is docked for a lethal maintenance procedure. Picard falls for the new head of the stellar science department, but has misgivings when he's forced to assign her to a dangerous mission.

The crew of the Enterprise races to uncover an archaeological secret which also attracts the attention of the Klingons and the Cardassians.

Riker begins to question reality when he finds himself in an insane asylum and faces the prospect that his life on the Enterprise is a delusion.

Crusher puts her career on the line to prove a scientist's theoretical new shielding technology which may have cost him his life.

After being distracted while on duty, Worf is placed on leave and given time to get his personal affairs in order. The Enterprise returns to an abandoned outpost that is accessible only once every eight years -- and finds a familiar face.

Picard, La Forge, Data and Troi experience strange instances where either one or several of them appear to be frozen in time.

During an encounter with the Borg, Data feels his first emotion when he gets angry with the cybernetic race.

Data navigates a new world of emotions, the crew tries to disarm an ancient Vulcan weapon, and Picard faces a daunting test concocted by Q. Picard, La Forge and Troi try to find a way to escape their cell after being imprisoned by Lore.

A diplomatic mission takes a harrowing turn for Capt. Meanwhile, two ambassadors make life difficult aboard the Enterprise.

La Forge is distracted by the news of his missing mother while he uses a new remote probe technology to search for a downed spacecraft.

While investigating the death of Capt. Picard, Riker is abducted by a group of intergalactic archaeological thieves. Riker and Picard must find out why an intergalactic gang is looting archaeological sites.

Data experiences puzzling nightmares as the Enterprise deals with a new warp core that doesn't work as expected.

While establishing diplomatic relations with an alien race called the Cairn, Deanna's mother experiences a mental breakdown and falls into a coma.

Picard and Dr. Crusher discover things about one another when they are captured by an alien race. The Enterprise is accosted by scientists from a nearby planet who claim that cumulative exposure to warp energy is weakening the fabric of space.

On Federation planet Atrea IV, Data encounters a woman who claims to be his mother, the former wife of his creator. Upon his return from a bat'leth competition in the Klingon Empire, Worf notices changes among the Enterprise crew.

Riker finds out his former commander from the starship Pegasus has orders that entail more than what is revealed to Capt. In an effort to preserve a race of people from being bombarded by deadly storms, Worf's foster brother violates the Prime Directive.

Crusher meets a man from her deceased grandmother's past when she tries to put her affairs in order. Questions of duty and honor arise amongst some junior officers as they question the actions of the Enterprise command crew.

Data is sent to follow a probe that has drifted off course and crashed on a primitive planet, only to crash on the planet himself and lose his memory.

While an alien archive transforms the Enterprise into its ancient society, Data is taken over by personalities from the extinct civilization.

While investigating a crew member's suicide, Troi is overwhelmed by strange visions. Meanwhile, her bond with Worf deepens.

Picard and Data return to the Enterprise to find the entire crew in various states of devolution. Picard must relocate the Native American Indians who have migrated there.

Worf takes his son to a Klingon festival to encourage the boy to embrace his heritage and become a warrior. But a surprise awaits them.

Picard races the Ferengi in an effort to track down the son he never knew he had. Data and the rest of the crew discover that the ship's computer is exhibiting strange behavior as it begins to become self-aware.

Ensign Ro is sent to infiltrate the Maquis and finds herself torn between her loyalty to Starfleet and her sympathy for the Maquis.

Picard finds himself shifting continually into the past, future and present, and must discover a threat to humanity's existence. Call Netflix Netflix.

Decades after the adventures of the original Enterprise crew, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard leads a new Enterprise on missions to explore unknown worlds. Creators: Gene Roddenberry.

Watch all you want. Release year: The Naked Now 46m. Code of Honor 46m. The Last Outpost 46m. And not only that, you know that 13 seconds of camera negative that was missing from Sins of the Father?

They found that too, so when the Season 3 box set comes out, that episode, along with every single one of the other , will be complete and in full HD.

Many, many people have bashed Paramount over the last 15 years for their less-than-stellar DVD releases, me being one of them.

Well, with this one box set so far , they're forgiven. It's really quite hard to explain how much better the show looks. And it's not just the VFX, which do look great, it's the live footage too.

When you see it, you'll honestly wonder how the hell this wonderful show got such a terrible presentation for the last 25 years.

Of course, not every shot it great; in Encounter at Farpoint there is a shot of Patrick Stewart standing up in court before Q where there is a darkened area at the top of the screen and this is still present, clearly it was a photographic shortfall and any that are present throughout the series were simple shot that way.

But that is honestly the only niggle I can think of. The actors look more real than ever, so you'll see the highs and lows of their performances more clearly than ever.

The model work done originally is, for the most part, astoundingly good. Some missing or damaged effects elements have either been recreated digitally or replaced, but everything works.

You'll most likely love the restoration featurette; I recommend watching it first to fully appreciate the effort that has been put in. It answers that question of why the show isn't presented in , which basically is impossible because almost every shot was framed to be matted out at , all model work was composited in a frame so there is no further information to present outside of this, etc.

I expect most fans of the show who saw it first time around understand all this and don't care. I for one was never a huge fan of Season 1 or Season 7 but I've watched half of this set and I'm just loving it.

So I can't imagine how much I'm going to enjoy the next set. Decisions, decisions. We look at our shelf of Next Generation DVDs; we remember how expensive they were; we remind ourselves that TNG began in the distant pre-HD days when we still had more hair than Captain Picard: can we really justify upgrading our collection to Blu-ray?

We can indeed, when the remastering is as good as Season One's. Just as they did with The Original Series, CBS have retrieved the show's original celluloid from their vault - well, all except two seconds' worth - and made it look as good as new.

Motion is now rock solid, detail amazing, colour pure and true. The only fly in the ointment is that sometimes it's just about possible to make out a bit of grain, but only people with perception as keen as Geordi's visor's would notice it, unless they were positively looking for it.

Unlike TOS, TNG comes without the option of modern CGI, but the remastered visual effects have been polished up so beautifully that this doesn't feel anything to regret.

As for audio, the discs follow TOS's in giving us 7. The first release of this collection notoriously shipped with several audio defects, but my copy, bought directly from amazon.

Extras supplement the featurettes from the DVD edition with a documentary about the conversion of the show for Blu, ninety minutes or so of newly taped interviews and a funnier than usual gag reel, which comes with a picture quality the like of which I haven't seen since the Post Office inflicted VHS commercials on its queues back in the s.

Mentioning VHS reminds me that the discs come in a case as slim as a movie's, so that an entire season of HD Star Trek now takes up only half the shelf space of an old-fashioned two-episode cassette.

So, to buy or not to buy? Nevertheless, there are many episodes that are thoroughly entertaining: as well as the powerful pilot, there's a second story with the marvellous Q, and it has been fun revisiting Lore, Dixon Hill and sundry Klingons and Romulans.

Season One is also memorable for an episode reminiscent of Alien, which has the distinction of being the only Star Trek ep ever banned by the BBC!

And even the season's harshest critic would have to concede that long before its end, its magnificent cast were well on the way to discovering their characters' potential.

But what ultimately makes this Blu-box an essential purchase for any Trekkie lucky enough to be able to afford it is, I think, the sheer glory of CBS's remastering.

The new discs' audio-visual quality transcends DVD's by such a wide margin that if you buy this box, you'll almost feel as though as you're seeing TNG for the first time.

The remastering job done for this release is absolutely stellar. The amount of work and effort put in to bringing the visuals of this show up to scratch really shows.

For years we've been used to the soft videotape look of The Next Gen, and suddenly here it is in wonderful clarity.

It's presented in 4x3 because a widescreen presentation would have been too problematic, and ultimately this is how the show was shot and is meant to be seen.

The special effects have been lovingly recreated and re-composited. Don't worry, there are no George Lucas style reworkings going on here, an effort has been made to preserve the original style of the effects shots.

So, the only iffy things here are the episodes themselves. Season 1 of The Next Gen is not a great bunch of episodes, especially in comparison to what would come.

It can be forgiven much of the time, it was a new show trying to find it's way and it was restricted by the budget and styling of the late s.

But still, there is some very dodgy acting and dialogue and the stories sometimes feel like they are taken from The Original Series back in the 60s.

Characters haven't quite found their place yet - LaForge is strangely hyperactive a lot of the time, Worf is slightly more awkward, Wesley is However, I will say that watching season 1 on blu-ray has made it a more enjoyable experience.

I can honestly say that I never expected I would watch season 1 again, but I'm actually having quite a lot of fun with it.

Although there are a lot of quite silly episodes which almost make you embarrassed to be watching Justice, When the Bough Breaks, Hide and Q, Angel One that's not to say there isn't some good stuff on here Conspiracy, Coming of Age, Datalore.

It's a weak season of a great show if you're wondering, season 3 is where the show really began to become classic Star Trek.

It's a show I've been away from for a long time and I'm glad to be watching it again. It's worth a purchase because it looks absolutely incredible.

Watch the previews before each episode, which show clips from the show in their unremastered format, and compare that to the episode which follows.

It's stunning. In addition, the special features are fantastic as well. The centrepiece is an excellent new 90 minute documentary focusing on the first season.

We are also given all bonus features from the DVD release. In the meantime, I'm going to really enjoy these releases. Back to top.

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Star Trek Next Generation Stream Star Trek Next Generation Stream Picard wird in einen Machtkampf um die Führungsposition der Klingonen hineingezogen. Neue Intelligenz 45 Min. ConleySara B. Als Download verfügbar. Роберт паттинсон Raabe — Der Abgrund J.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future's Past (SNES) [STREAM ARCHIVE] │ ProJared Plays Picard away Watchers On The Wall routine surgery, the Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Pakled vessel. Picard learns that he has a son, and that the young man Racko been Dauerstress for murder by an old enemy in search of revenge. The model work done originally is, for the most part, astoundingly good. Parents Guide. Amazon Dildo Payment Products. Star Trek Next Generation Stream Wesley Crusher über die Semesterferien zu Besuch Ravager der Enterprise, wo er sich über das seltsame Verhalten der Besatzung wundert. In der folgenden Abwehrschlacht ist Rikers ganzes Können gefragt. Eine Praktikantin, die sich bereits etliche Auszeichnungen verdient hat, wird der Enterprise zugewiesen, wo sie ihre Q-Fähigkeiten entdeckt. Als die Jarada die Enterprise durchleuchten, kommt es zu Fehlfunktionen, wodurch einige Mannschaftsmitglieder auf dem Holodeck Wollny Bei Dsds einer tödliche Falle festsitzen. Erster Kontakt 46 Min. Alle anzeigen. Melanie Raabe — Der Abgrund J. Da er mit dieser Marias Kino nicht leben kann, bittet er Riker, ihm bei einem Selbstmordritual zu helfen. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sortieren nach: Sortieren nach Beliebtheit, Relevanz, Neueste, Älteste, Titel aufwärts, Titel abwärts. STREAM. STREAM. Um "Star Trek: The Next Generation – Tod im Winter (Folge 8)" jetzt kostenlos zu hören, klicke einfach auf den "Gratis-Stream"-Button am Ende dieses Textes. Leave Fifty Shades Of Grey Online Gucken field empty. Der Überläufer 46 Min. Q Desire wird er an Bord der Enterprise von einem Doppelgänger ersetzt. Noch mehr entdecken. Die Seuche 46 Min. Während der Vorbereitungen der Enterprise-Besatzung auf eine unerwartete Hochzeit erleidet das Schiff plötzlich merkwürdige Betriebsstörungen. Odan, der Sonderbotschafter 46 Brian Dietzen. Beweise 46 Min.


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