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Thor Loki

Da Odin im Odinsschlaf liegt und Thor verbannt ist, wird Loki zum neuen König von Asgard gekrönt. Als Thors Freunde für eine Rückkehr von Thor plädieren. - Erkunde Dana Schaubs Pinnwand „loki“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Loki, Loki thor, Loki laufeyson. Loki ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Erstellt von dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee, dem Drehbuchautor Larry Lieber und dem Penciller Jack Kirby, erschien eine Version des.

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Loki ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Erstellt von dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee, dem Drehbuchautor Larry Lieber und dem Penciller Jack Kirby, erschien eine Version des. Da Odin im Odinsschlaf liegt und Thor verbannt ist, wird Loki zum neuen König von Asgard gekrönt. Als Thors Freunde für eine Rückkehr von Thor plädieren. Es gibt viele Geschichten in der Edda, in denen Loki eine Rolle spielt: Loki, Thjazi und die Entführung Iduns; Loki und der Bau von Asgard; Loki und Thor; Loki und. Loki besteigt währenddessen den Thron und weigert sich, Thors Verbannung rückgängig zu machen, und verlangt stattdessen die Treue seiner Freunde. Thor​. Just Tom Hiddleston. #TomHiddleston #Loki #ChrisHemsworth #Thor #​ThorRagnarok. Loki gilt im Glauben der Wikinger als besonders listenreich und weist eine beiden mächtigsten Götter und der beiden innigsten Freunde Lokis, Thor und Odin. Thor ist der stärkste der germanischen Götter und der Bekämpfer der Riesen. Er besitzt die mächtigste Waffe überhaupt. Den Hammer Mjöllnir ("Zermalmer"), mit​.

Thor Loki

- Erkunde Dana Schaubs Pinnwand „loki“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Loki, Loki thor, Loki laufeyson. Just Tom Hiddleston. #TomHiddleston #Loki #ChrisHemsworth #Thor #​ThorRagnarok. Loki ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Erstellt von dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee, dem Drehbuchautor Larry Lieber und dem Penciller Jack Kirby, erschien eine Version des. - Erkunde Dana Schaubs Pinnwand „loki“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Loki, Loki thor, Loki laufeyson. Thor und Loki liefern sich einen heftigen Kampf. Wer wird als Sieger hervorgehen?

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Michael Straczynski , der auch einen frühen Entwurf der Filmhandlung verfasste, aufgegeben wurde. Dezember ; abgerufen am Gemeinsam wollen sie Odin überreden, Thor zurück nach Asgard zu holen. D zu stehlen. Da es ihm nicht gelingt, diesen aus dem Stein zu ziehen, finden sich bald zahlreiche Schaulustige an der Vergessene Welt Jurassic Park ein und versuchen abwechselnd ihr Glück, bis Phil Coulson dort eintrifft, ein Green Zone Film des Geheimdienstes S. April ; abgerufen am Eisriese : "Lauf nach Hause, kleine Prinzessin! April Torsdag nach dem Thor benannt. Mai im Internet Archive Samuel L.

The resulting fight quickly moves to Heimdall's Observatory where Loki had opened a portal that would destroy Jotunheim. Loki tells Thor that they were never brothers, and fails to see why he couldn't destroy Jotunheim and massacre all the Frost Giants.

He starts mocking Thor and threatens to kill Jane Foster. Loki uses magic to fight against Thor on the Rainbow Bridge.

The Bifrost was still destroying Jotunheim, and Thor realises that the only way to stop it is to destroy the Bifrost. He breaks the Rainbow Bridge with Mjölnir, and the Bifrost is destroyed.

Thor and Loki began to fall into the abyss, but the spear in Loki's hand was grabbed by Thor who in turn was anchored to the remnants of the bridge by the newly-awakened Odin.

Loki appealed to his adoptive father that by annihilating the Frost Giants he was doing what was best for Asgard. Odin sadly rejected this, and with his Asgardian life now in tatters Loki released the spear and allowed the void to claim him, seemingly killing him.

However in a post-credits scene Loki survives and becomes crazy after being mind-tortured by his new boss Thanos who orders to him to go to Earth to catch the Tesseract, there Loki mind-controlled Erik Solveg with his new scepter who also controls his mind.

Loki first appears being handcuffed by several Asgardian guards, taken to Odin and having an argument with him. Loki later appears in his cell talking with his mother.

Thor and Loki spent a lot of time together as children. However, Loki was always jealous of Thor and felt like he was living in his shadow.

Loki claimed that he loved Thor, but soon after his lies and tricks the truth came to light. Loki tried to kill his brother several times and said that he only wanted to be his equal.

Thor still loves his brother, but after the events of The Avengers he lost the hope of Loki's redemption. Odin is Loki's adoptive father.

After hearing his true heritage, Loki tried to prove himself to his father by trying to eliminate Asgard's enemies, the Frost Giants. Odin did not approve of this, which caused Loki to let himself fall into the abyss.

Loki was angry at Odin for keeping his origin a secret, and accused him of prefering Thor and treating them inequally.

Frigga was Loki's adoptive mother. The two were really close, and Frigga was the one who taught Loki many of the magic spells he knows.

Loki loved Frigga dearly, and her death caused his complete breakdown. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. About and Quotes.

Full name. Frost Giant. Eye color. Hair color. Tom Hiddleston. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The King of Jotunheim has died without an heir, plunging the realm of Frost Giants into a state of civil war.

Odin's favored victor, a Jotun warrior by the name of Kartak, hopes to strengthen his claim to the throne by marrying Laufey's only surviving son. Loki, still reeling from the revelation of his true parentage, impulsively agrees to the match, but the arrangement impacts his relationship with Thor in unexpected ways.

Thor and Loki are brothers. Brothers who are not related by blood. Brothers with benefits. Their relationship is complicated, indefinable.

They try to hide behind closed doors. Thor hears that Loki is out of prison and wants to reconnect. Thor, embarrassed by the state of his life, avoids him.

Originally a Joick fanfic by sexyjobros on deviantart. All credit belongs to sexyjobros. In this rework, Steve Rogers is a freshly 18 year old goody-goody nerd who meets a pornstar that changes his life.

Writer Al Ewing said that among other things, the series will explore Loki's bisexuality and fluid gender identity, writing "Loki is bi and I'll be touching on that.

Another Loki solo series called Vote Loki started in Many years ago, when Bor, ruler of Asgard, was battling frost giants , he followed a wounded giant to a powerful sorcerer that was waiting for him.

The sorcerer caught him unaware, turning Bor into snow. Bor's son, Odin , found his father as he was blowing away; Bor begged Odin to find a sorcerer to free him, but Odin made no attempt to save his father.

Bor cursed Odin saying that he would take in the son of a fallen king and raise it as his own. Not a week later, Odin himself led the Asgardians into battle against the Frost Giants and killed Laufey , who was the King, in personal combat.

After slaying Laufey, Odin found a small Asgardian-sized child hidden within the primary stronghold of the Frost Giants. The child was Loki; Laufey having kept him hidden from the Frost Giant people due to his shame over his sons small size.

Odin took the child, out of a combination of pity, to appease the memory of his father, and because he was the child of a worthy adversary slain in honorable combat, and raised as his own alongside his biological son Thor.

Throughout his childhood and into adolescence, Loki was resentful of the differences between how Thor and himself were treated by the citizens of Asgard.

What he lacked in size and strength, however, he made up for in power and skill, particularly as a sorcerer. As Loki grew to adulthood, his natural talent for causing mischief would make itself manifest and earned him a nickname as the "God of Mischief"; his mischievousness eventually became malice as his hunger for power and revenge grew stronger.

Several times he tried to use tricks to get rid of Thor, such as telling him to guard a hole in the wall that he himself had made.

In time, his reputation grew from being a playful and mischievous trickster to the "God of Evil ". Over the centuries, Loki attempted on many occasions to seize the rulership of Asgard and to destroy Thor, even helping the Storm Giant Ghan to escape Thor planning to get a debt from him later, and aided other enemies of Asgard, planning to take over.

Odin, who had grown weary of Loki's mischief, magically imprisoned him within a tree until someone would shed a tear for his plight. Loki eventually freed himself by causing a leaf to strike Heimdall , the guardian of Bifrost , in the eye, which made him shed a tear.

Loki compiled an extensive criminal record in Asgard, and was frequently exiled. Loki's schemes eventually came to include Earth itself, and often fought with Earth's superhuman heroes to take their planet, and often Asgard itself.

He first battled Thor on Earth in modern times after escaping from the tree; [15] Loki then manipulated the Hulk into wreaking havoc using an illusion of dynamite on train tracks, while in astral form in an attempt to lure Thor to Earth, which inadvertently led to the formation of the Avengers as several other heroes came to meet the Hulk.

Thor was one of the founding members of this superhuman team, and often led them into battle against Loki. Several times Loki, while not directly battling Thor, caused other threats for Thor to battle, like increasing the mental powers of a carnival fortune teller Sandu, making him powerful enough to lift buildings with his mind, [17] and releasing a Lava Man called Molto by accident when causing a long-dead volcano to explode.

Zarrko defeated Thor and took him back to help conquer his time period, although the God of Thunder was able to finally capture the villain.

Hyde and Cobra by paying their bail, then doubled their powers. Loki told them to kidnap Jane Foster , which he knew would attract Thor's attention, but Hyde and Cobra were again defeated.

However Doctor Strange was able to protect her, and Thor forced Loki to return her. Among Loki's better-known henchmen was the human criminal Carl "The Crusher" Creel, whom Loki transformed into the superhuman criminal known as the Absorbing Man.

Loki went so far as to attempt to turn Odin against Thor and to steal Thor's enchanted hammer Mjolnir in an attempt to attain freedom, but his efforts failed.

Upon convincing Odin to go to Earth and leave him in charge of Asgard with part of the Odinforce, he released Skagg, the largest Storm Giant, and Surtur , the largest Fire Demon, to try to destroy Odin.

However, Thor and Balder helped defeat the monsters, and Loki was sent to serve the Trolls. Loki was responsible for the Destroyer being awakened, by leading a Hunter to the Temple where the Destroyer armor resided using their mental abilities while Thor was nearby, causing the soul of the Hunter to animate the armor, but Thor forced the Hunter to return to his body, then buried the armor under thousands of tons of rock.

The Absorbing Man defeated the Asgardians without too much trouble and absorbed Odin's attacks. However Loki and the Absorbing Man were exiled into space due to a trick by Odin, [24] then sending his astral form back to Earth and taking over the Destroyer armor, attempting to take over Asgard; Odin then sent Balder to discover the location of Loki, then using his powers to send Loki out of the Destroyer armor.

Loki's destiny to be the cause of Ragnarök was later recounted. Loki plotted to gain new powers from Karnilla ; however, this accidentally created the Wrecker , who gained Asgardian powers upon being mistaken for Loki after knocking him out and putting on his helmet just before Karnilla appeared in response to Loki's ritual.

He almost killed Thor by collapsing a building on him, as Thor had been stripped of all his powers except his strength by Odin.

Loki then fomented a battle between Thor and the Destroyer animated by Sif. Loki later usurped the throne of Asgard by taking the Odinring, but fled again when Asgard was invaded by Surtur.

At this time, Loki's estranged wife Sigyn returned to Asgard. When Loki was chained and a viper dripped poison on his face as punishment for killing Balder, Sigyn tried helping him.

Loki attempted to bring about Ragnarök, but was foiled by Odin. Despite Loki's seeming hatred of his adoptive brother and father, Loki helped to defend Asgard from destruction from Surtur and his fire demons.

This was because Surtur's goal was to destroy Asgard, whereas Loki sought only to rule it. Thor was turned back when Volstagg destroyed one of the machines Loki had used to transform Thor.

In disguise, Loki manipulated a group of master villains into engineering the " Acts of Vengeance ". With these prime movers, he set into motion a plot against the Avengers and other heroes, sending the Juggernaut against Thor, and casting a spell that caused temporary bouts of weakness in Thor.

His identity and role in the proceedings was ultimately revealed, and he was then defeated by the Avengers. Morwen, a powerful agent of chaos, was released and took Tessa Black, a daughter of Loki from his female form, as a host.

Loki proclaims that he owes an as-of-yet unpaid debt to his temporary ally. A short while later, Loki was prophesized to lead Asgard's enemies into destroying the "Eternal Realm" in a final conflict known as Ragnarök , part of the continuing Asgardian cycle of the birth, life, and death presided over by beings known as "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow" who drew sustenance from the energies expended during these cycles.

In the final confrontation between the brothers before that battle, Thor hung Loki's head from his belt so he could watch the final moments of the battle.

After Ragnarök, Loki returned in a female body working with Doctor Doom so Thor would unwittingly resurrect his Asgardian enemies [45] and manipulated Balder to make him the new successor to the throne of Asgard.

During this period, Hela and Loki used magic to send Loki to the past to cause the events that led to his younger self being adopted by Odin as a means to eliminate Bor, Thor's grandfather.

The Avengers, unaware of Loki's trick, followed the false "Wanda's" instructions. After Thor was banished due to her trickery, Loki intended to put "cracks in Osborn's armor" and gradually "widen" these cracks through the Mighty Avengers.

Pietro Maximoff , desiring to see and converse with his sister, joined the Mighty Avengers. He raced around the world searching for her, not knowing that his nephews Billy and Tommy had just done so and also failed to find her.

However, Loki had planned on the deaths of Pietro and Cassandra Lang , fearing they may form wedges in his plans. Cutting off communications from the former, they tried to convince Hank Pym to expel Cassie after placing a spell on her to prevent her from saying anything bad about their disguise.

Just then, Ronin appeared and ambushed the "Scarlet Witch". Wiccan then chanted a spell to reveal Loki's true form.

Afraid of exposure, Loki was forced to leave, swearing all their deaths. Loki decided to play the final card that would break Osborn by unleashing the Absorbing Man, who had absorbed the power of the Cosmic Cube.

When the Doombot posing as Doctor Doom unleashed insect-like robots, Loki advised the Hood to take flight.

Following Osborn's talk with the President, Loki advised to recreate an incident similar to the Stamford Incident that would bring about the invasion upon Asgard.

He then revealed a plot to Osborn that would take advantage of Volstagg 's presence in Chicago. Since Volstagg had gone for adventures like Thor, the U-Foes could attack him and destroy a packed Soldier Field during an American football game, killing thousands while Osborn and he watched in astral form.

Loki then warned Balder about Osborn's impending attack on Asgard, claiming that he had tried to convince Osborn not to attack. Loki, when Osborn called out for his aid, sent the Hood and his diminished syndicate as reinforcements to help Osborn's forces against the Avengers.

Balder later banished Loki from Asgard. Sometime after, he magically disguised himself as Osborn's Green Goblin persona to lay siege to Asgard, Loki encountered the Disir the Valkyries of Bor after he lured them using several wandering god's souls he imprisoned as bait, revealing that he desired to gain their service as his slaves.

The 13 Disir unite and assault him as one, but Loki managed to defeat them using extraordinary swordsmanship skills, thus forcing them to submit to him and declare him the victor.

Loki meets with Hela and asks her what she will give him in exchange for a new Hel, to which she answers 'Anything. In exchange for this, Hela erased Loki from the Books of Hel, thus, he was no longer tied to Hel or Asgard, gaining absolute freedom.

Mephisto asked Loki why he had resorted to such schemes, to which Loki replied it was more fun this way.

Norman Osborn could only tell him that he was dead, just like "the rest of them" as the true form of the Void appeared.

However, the Void sensed Loki's hand in this and attacked him, the stones having not affected the Void directly. As Loki was torn apart by the Void's tendrils in front of a shocked Thor, his last words were to apologize to his brother.

Thor resolved to avenge his fallen brother and destroyed the Void and the Sentry with a lightning strike. He took the Sentry's remains into outer space, and released them into the Sun.

Thor, missing his brother searched for Loki who had returned to life in the form of a young boy; as due to his schemes his name was removed from the Book of Hell, allowing him to permanently cheat death.

Now located in Paris , France , Loki was a street hustler going by the name of Serrure the French word for lock , who feigned simple card tricks in front of an audience while an accomplice pickpocketed them.

Thor, in civilian disguise, gave chase, resulting in the restoration of Loki's memory, but not of his past life with the exception of a guilty conscience for things he cannot remember.

With nothing to lose, Loki followed Thor, who restored part of his identity to him though he remained in the form of a child , and asked when precisely Thor got so old, to which Thor smiled.

Running into Iron Man , Loki was saved by Thor, who defended his own reasons for bringing the trickster back. With the Asgardian population other than Thor still wary of Loki, Loki revealed to his brother that he was attempting to learn more about Earth and humans, to which Thor approves.

When a magpie exploded in his quarters carrying a key, it led to a chain of events where at the end, Loki was contacted by an echo of his former incarnation, who revealed he chose to sacrifice himself fighting the Void as part of a greater plan which would involve his death and return.

The child Loki refused to follow this path, wanting to be his own person, and transformed the spirit of his former self into a magpie named Ikol.

On returning to Earth, he witnessed Odin striking down Thor. Odin prepared all of Asgard for an unknown battle and imprisoned Thor for attempting to protect Midgard from being scoured.

Loki, who disagreed with Odin's actions, was put to work by Volstagg into cleaning the stables of Thor's goats to keep him out of trouble and danger.

Using the wool of one of the goats, Loki descended into the roots of the world tree at the advice of Ikol to ask questions from the Nornish women who live there.

After receiving answers, Loki wept but decided to turn to the imprisoned Thor for his opinion before making his final decision. Breaking into the prison by stealth, Loki asked his brother what he would do if he had to let something bad happen in order to prevent something worse from happening, and what if it cost him everything.

With Thor's answer, Loki decided to free one of the imprisoned Hel Wolves and bind it to him in servitude using the bridle of Thor's goats, then revealing he would need help from one more 'personage' before heading for the realm of Hela.

Having recovered Thor's hammer after Thor had been killed and erased from memory following the war against the Serpent , Loki was able to work with the Silver Surfer to restore the hammer to its natural state and send it to Thor in the afterlife, restoring his memory and allowing him to fight his way back into the realm of the living.

Seeing no other option, Loki allowed Ikol to become Loki again, ceasing to be, but warning beforehand that the Ikol personality was incapable of true change and believing this older persona would ultimately be stopped by those who always stopped him before, his brother included, imbuing him with his experiences.

Horrified at what he had become and done to his former self, the new Loki breaks down, screaming "I am the crime that will not be forgiven!

They admit that they need help to defeat the creature, but are wary of trusting Loki, knowing who he is. They go to Asgard, and are met with Loki's father.

The team flees to Central Park in order to minimize the number of civilians in the area. Once there, Loki tells the group that their only choice to save themselves is to either kill Wiccan, or allow Loki to borrow Wiccan's powers for ten minutes so that he can save them.

Seeing no other option, Wiccan agrees, and Loki immediately teleports away, seemingly abandoning the group to face the mob of mind-controlled New Yorkers on his own.

While he originally intended to leave them to die, Loki has an internal conversation with his child self that still exists within him whom he killed at the end of Journey into Mystery , and is convinced to return to the team.

Once there, he defeats the creature, but the team is forced to leave New York, as Wiccan's spell is still intact. The team is left in a situation where neither Wiccan nor Loki are powerful enough to fight Mother.

In order to increase Loki's power, Wiccan ages Loki's body to that of a teenager, increasing his powers. In his confrontation with Leah, she taunts him for destroying his younger self.

Now sated, the exes and Leah vanish, allowing the Young Avengers to defeat Mother. When Wiccan turns to introduce his teammate to his parents, he finds that Loki is missing, having fled the scene wracked with guilt over his actions.

Loki admits that if he came back, the team would probably forgive him, and therefore he will not show himself, feeling unworthy of their forgiveness.

After briefly making a pass at Prodigy, Loki appears to teleport away. As the party ends and the team leaves, Loki looks on fondly at a photo of himself with the team.

In a mission for the All-Mother, Loki traveled from space to Midgard in order to collect five keys Odin had once forged for him should he be worthy.

Using his sorcery and wits, Loki used the keys to claim Gram, the sword of Sigurd, as his own. She and Loki develop a great friendship, and through him she develops friendships with Sigurd and Lorelei, while Loki continues to run missions for the All-Mother.

He later discovers that he is being manipulated by King Loki, his villainous and depraved future self, who is much the same as the old Loki was before his death and resurrection.

While Loki fears one day becoming King Loki, he also knows that his future self is determined to make it happen. With his basic morality inverted, Loki becomes romantically involved with Amora the Enchantress, although soon finds that his inverted morality is not as straightforward as for the other villains.

While before Loki was devious but likeable, Verity quickly sees the new Loki is pious, priggish, and while 'good', disloyal to a fault; he betrays Lorelei and Sigurd to the returned All-Father, Odin, knowing full well that Odin will punish their small crime with a heinous overblown punishment.

Later, in the final battle of AXIS , Loki fights his brother whose morality is also inverted on the moon, and to their surprise, Loki is able to lift Thor's hammer and beat him with it.

His triumph, and feeling of great power and accomplishment, is short-lived; Scarlet Witch's second inversion wave restores Loki and Thor's original moral 'axes'.

The hammer drops from Loki's hand, and the scream of the Kid Loki whom he killed is heard for miles, bellowing 'I am the crime that cannot be forgiven'.

The effects of Scarlet Witch's spell are seen again later; Loki can no longer tell a lie. In a heart to heart with Thor, he finds himself compelled to admit what happened: that he , as Ikol, murdered the sweet reborn Loki and took his chance at life away.

Thor, now seeing Loki not as his brother but as a murderous creature that stole his brother's shot at life, surrenders Loki to Asgard for justice at the hands of their people.

King Loki tells Verity of the awful things Loki did during his time with the Young Avengers, and she flees, not wanting to have to deal with him anymore.

King Loki then ties up his younger self and starts telling them why he has done all this. As it turns out, in King Loki's future, Loki did complete his duty as Asgard's agent, clearing all of his horrible deeds from his name.

However, he was still viewed as nothing more than the God of Lies, and, being unable to take it anymore, once again became an enemy of Thor; an unknown amount of time later, King Loki destroys the Earth, leaving it a barren wasteland.

King Thor confronts King Loki, Loki raising an army of skeletal Avengers, fleeing while Thor fights his undead friends.

Realizing that he would never be able to defeat his brother, King Loki goes back in time to a time when Thor was at his weakest, when he lacked the power to wield Mjolnir.

By moving the time-table up by only a few years, King Loki could kill Thor while still one day successfully destroying the Earth. Loki then goes into a metaphorical space, where Old Loki and Kid Loki are, telling him that he will not be able to change his story.

Verity then calls him out, telling Loki that because King Loki did not recognize her, an alternate future is already unfolding. Loki now decides to change his destiny, realizing that lies are just stories, and as god of them, he can tell a new one.

He then seemingly destroys himself, sending King Loki to the now changed near-future. Eight months pass, and the sky turns red as the Secret Wars is about to begin, when Verity hears a knock on her door, with Loki standing there, claiming to be the "God of Stories".

The "Last Days" part of the Secret Wars storyline picks up directly after the prior events with Verity being unsure if she can trust Loki now that he is a different person.

Loki tells Verity that she is important in this end of the world event. Just as it seems certain that King Loki will defeat the Asgardians, Freyja sacrificed her life to destroy Jormungandr and Odin blows the fabled Gjallarhorn the Horn of Heroes to resurrect the dead gods, as foretold, for their final battle.

To King Loki's astonishment, Loki is alive and turns up to join the legion of deceased gods in Asgard's defence. Upon being faced with Loki and all the resurrected gods, King Loki loses his nerve and flees into the ether.

This is exactly what all previous iterations of Loki would have wanted most: attention, adoration, praise.

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Als Thor und der Hulk fliehe, werden die Bräutigam Englisch und Loki beschuldigt, wobei dieser die junge Kriegerin verdächtigt und sie bekämpft, um ihr die Wahrheit zu entlocken. Drei Eisriesen unterbrechen jedoch die Netf+, als sie in die Waffenkammer eindringen, um die Motogp Live Stream Kostenlos in ihre Gewalt zu bringen. Memento vom Die Idee, aus ihm einen S. Verliehen wurde der Film über Disney. September ; abgerufen am In this alternate reality, Loki is allegedly killed while giant-size when the Baxter Building is dropped on them. A non-linear sequel to this fic, featuring the witchy shenanigans of Loki. Start a Wiki. For his loyalty, Loki kills him. Suddenly her world Schlafende Tiere upside down when King Of Queens Kostenlos Anschauen frost giants attack killing her father and enslaving her and her mother. How Thor no matter what corner of Yggdrasil Thor Loki flees to will always find himself in Loki's mischief. Comic Book Resources News. Loki appears in The Ultimates 2 as the evil half-sibling of Thor. Despite Loki's seeming hatred of his Quo Vadis 1951 brother and father, Loki helped to defend Asgard from destruction from Surtur and his fire demons. November 14 min. Loki: " Reign Staffel 4 bin ein Frankfurt Löwen, du stumpfe Kreatur. Drei Eisriesen unterbrechen jedoch die Zeremonie, als sie in die Waffenkammer eindringen, um die Urne in ihre Gewalt zu bringen. IGN Der trauernde Thor bedankt sich bei seinem Bruder für die Nachricht und verabschiedet sich von ihm.

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Thor vs Loki - Final Battle Scene - Movie CLIP HD Aber das wissen wir schon längst. In einer Post-Credit-Szene bringt S. Als Gott des Schabernacks kann er Trugbilder erschaffen, um seine Gegner zu täuschen. Daraufhin weist Odin ihn zurecht und unterbindet Thors Thronbesteigung vorerst. März Einige Zeit darauf studierte Foster dann selbst Medizin und arbeitete als Ärztin zwischenzeitlich auch für die Rächerdenen Thor angehört. Inside Kino; abgerufen am Er kehrt zusammen mit seinem Volk und dem neuen König zur Erde zurück. Später verschmolz Sif ihre Lebenskraft Thor Loki Foster, um letzterer das Leben zu retten, jedoch wurden die beiden Akshay Kumar Movies Zeit darauf wieder getrennt. Da Laufey einen neuerlichen Waffenstillstand ablehnt Frau Holle Fluch Des Bösen Odin mit Krieg droht, kehrt letzterer mit seinen Söhnen und deren Freunden nach Asgard zurück.

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Thor Ragnarok (2017) - Thor \u0026 Loki do \ Thor Loki Thor Loki

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Being unusually small for a Frost Giant, Loki was abandoned in a temple to die. Odin took the baby with him, altered his appearance with sorcery to resemble an Asgardian, and raised him as his son with his biological son Thor.

Growing up, Loki always felt like he was living in Thor's shadow and was envious to him for being the future king. Loki was interested in sorcery instead of Asgardian warrior arts, and his adoptive mother Frigga taught him everything she knew.

Loki's jealousy kept growing, and he was eager to prove himself to Odin to win his appreciation. His innocent mischief turned into more complicated plans and he started manipulating people.

Loki became ambitious, and was willing to go to great lenghts to achieve greatness. Loki, Thor and Odin went to Odin's vault to investigate, and found the bodies of the Frost Giants and the Asgardian guards who had been murdered.

Thor wanted to march into Jotunheim and attack the Frost Giants for breaking the peace treaty between the two realms. Odin, however, refused which made Thor even angier.

The two started arguing, while Loki stayed silent and listened. Regardless of Odin's opinions, Thor opted to launch a counterattack on Jotunheim with a number of his friends, and while Loki initially tried to dissuade his brother, he eventually relented and went along with the plan.

Upon their arrival at Heimdall 's observatory, Loki attempts to use his cunning to trick Heimdall into letting them enter Jotunheim.

However, Heimdall already knows of the group's plans, and embarrasses Loki. Heimdall tells the group he wants to know how the Jotuns made it into the kingdom without his knowledge, and opens the Bifrost to Jotunheim.

Once on Jotunheim, Thor again led them into conflict and attacked the Jotuns even after being granted safe passage home.

During the ensuing fight, Loki was surprised by his own resistance to the Jotuns' freezing touch, a revelation that led him to conclude that he was at least partly Jotun rather than an Asgardian as he had been led to believe.

Despite the groups best efforts, they eventually become gravely outnumbered, and during the fray, Fandral is impaled through the chest by a shard of ice.

While the rest of the group begins to retreat, Thor continues his assault, blind to his friend's peril. A large monster awakens during the battle, and attacks the group, but is killed by Thor moments before it can strike.

As the remaining Jotuns surround the group, the Bifrost activates and drops Odin, mounted upon his octopedal horse Sleipnir , into Jotunheim.

He attempts to talk Laufey into a peace, but Laufey attempts to attack, and Odin retaliates, and Heimdall activates the Bifrost and pulls the group back to Asgard.

Back on Asgard Odin remains furious at Thor, telling him he had just started a new great war between Asgard and Jotunheim, Thor argues aggressively, but Odin calls him a vain, foolish and greedy boy.

Loki mainly stays quiet, when he does try to intervene Odin tells him to remain silent. Odin takes away Thor's armor and powers and banishes him to Earth.

Loki watches as Thor is thrown out of Asgard and Odin sends Thor's hammer after him with a spell meaning only one worthy of its power would be able to lift it.

In the healing chamber, Loki reveals to Sif and the Warriors Three that he in fact told Heimdall to inform Odin that they were heading to Jotunheim.

Upon the other's questioning, Loki tells them he did it as he felt Thor was foolish to seek battle with the Frost Giants. He goes on to say that he did not, however, expect Odin to banish Thor for his arrogance and stupidity.

The others began to suspect that Loki was involved with the Frost Giants' infiltration to Asgard. Loki heads to Odin's vault, where he picks up and holds the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Even while grasping it with both hands, Loki's skin is not affected by The Casket. Sensing Odin's arrival in the vault, Loki asks him if he is cursed, to which Odin replies no.

Loki turns to him, his skin entirely blue and eyes bright red. Odin states that The Casket was not the only thing taken out of Jotunheim that day.

Loki demands to know the truth, and Odin tells him how he had discovered Loki as a baby and taken him in. Upon discovering his true heritage, Loki believed that Odin would have never put a Frost Giant on the throne of Asgard and became distraught, Loki berated Odin in denial, accusing him of using him as a tool for peace.

Odin, overcome with stress over the recent dilemmas, fell into the deep Odinsleep. Loki walks over and looks down at Odin in a daze, before calling in the guards to help him move Odin back to his chambers.

With Odin comatose, Loki talks about his heritage with his mother. Frigga explains, that they didn't tell Loki of his origins, because they wanted him to feel like he belonged.

A guard comes in, gives Loki Gungnir and pronounces him King of Asgard. Loki gladly took the throne in his place. They request that he end Thor's banishment.

Loki refuses, claiming his first action as king could not be to undo his father's last. Before they could argue he orders them to leave.

Loki visits Thor on Earth when he was being captured by S. Thor asks Loki what had happened on Asgard, but Loki lies and tells him that Odin had died, in order to keep him unmotivated.

Loki informs him that he had taken on the burden of the throne and that the peace is dependant on Thor's banishment from Asgard.

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Remember Me. The King of Jotunheim has died without an heir, plunging the realm of Frost Giants into a state of civil war. Odin's favored victor, a Jotun warrior by the name of Kartak, hopes to strengthen his claim to the throne by marrying Laufey's only surviving son.

Loki, still reeling from the revelation of his true parentage, impulsively agrees to the match, but the arrangement impacts his relationship with Thor in unexpected ways.

Thor and Loki are brothers. Brothers who are not related by blood. Brothers with benefits. Their relationship is complicated, indefinable.

They try to hide behind closed doors. Thor hears that Loki is out of prison and wants to reconnect. Thor, embarrassed by the state of his life, avoids him.

Originally a Joick fanfic by sexyjobros on deviantart. All credit belongs to sexyjobros. In this rework, Steve Rogers is a freshly 18 year old goody-goody nerd who meets a pornstar that changes his life.

Not that the name plays a big part in the story. Odin finds a 10 yr old Princess Thor pulling her skirts up and showing her pussy to her baby brother.

Odin gets a closer look at her cunt and he feels desire course through his veins. Updated and errors corrected. This is the story of how the Norns for laughs and giggles messed up Thor's life.

How Thor no matter what corner of Yggdrasil he flees to will always find himself in Loki's mischief.

Thor Loki - Loki Laufeyson/Odinson

Kurz darauf beschloss Marvel, eine neue Strategie für zukünftige Comicverfilmungen zu wagen: Aufgrund rückblickend nachteiliger Verträge, die in den er Jahren geschlossen worden waren, hatte Marvel bis dahin nur geringe Lizenzeinnahmen für Verfilmungen der eigenen Comics verbuchen können. Phase 2. Loki ist ein sehr sensibler Mann, der sehr stark auf seine Umwelt reagiert, besonders auf seinen trotz allem geliebten Bruder. September ; abgerufen am

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